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Sakitsu Church, a site of World Cultural Heritage Site

最終更新: 2018年9月27日

Sakitsu Catholic Church

Sakitsu and other 11 sites was registered as UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site in this July. Sakitsu is the samll fishing village in Amakusa islands of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. It is blessed with wonderful nature such a beautiful landscape.

It flourished as an important sea port for missionaries and merchants 450 years ago.

You can see Sakitsu Church in the center of this fishing village, the Statue of the Virgin Mary on the cliff.

Amakusa and 11 sites in Nagasaki is known as the sites of Hidden Christians. Hidden Christians were people who continued their beliefs in secret under the ban on Christianity for 250 years.

Sakitsu Tourist Guid has 3 guides, speaking English and Chinese. We are happy to show you around Sakitsu and introduce culture and history. Of course, we also want to show you other interesting spots in Amakusa!!